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Mrs Reeve – Ducks Class Teacher

Mrs Reeve would like to welcome you to the Ducks Class.

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The spring term is already upon us and we will be continuing our season’s theme with a closer look at winter. The children will observe seasonal changes and once again we would appreciate your help with recording how dark it is when the children get up or go to bed. The form is attached. They will use the information to help them to compare autumn and winter. As we progress further into winter the children will do a week of weather observations.

In science we continue our look at materials and their properties which we will relate to winter and keeping dry or warm. The theme is to be further extended through learning about the North and South Poles. How do the animals keep warm? Over the coming weeks the children will also be learning more about winter through different stories and poems.

Through Religious Education we are developing our understanding of the importance of light as a symbol in religion. The children have an understanding of the use of light during advent through our collective worship last term. Therefore, we will look at Shabbat, Chinese New Year and Hanuka.

Maths sees us concentrating on place value, addition and subtraction and measuring.

Please, remember to have the children’s full school PE kit in school all week. It can stay in school.

Forest School is on a Wednesday morning and, although we missed a few sessions last term, the aim is for it to take place every week. Please ensure a full warm and waterproof set of clothes is in school which includes wellington boots.

Regular reading at school is essential for young children and is a valuable time for parents to share books. Reading at least three times a week, at home, to support reading in school has a great impact on children’s learning.

As always, if you have any questions please write a note in the Home School book and I will try to answer or speak with you.