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Mrs Gordon – Hummingbirds Class Teacher

Mrs Gordon welcomes you all to Hummingbirds

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Dear Parents and Carers

I am pleased to welcome the children back after a fabulous Easter break.

We are all ready for an exciting Summer term, we will be covering Plants and  Growing this term and we will be making good use of the area outside our classroom.

Some children also began Forest Schools this week and the second group will attend after the half term break.

In Science we are looking at Changing Materials, this is a fabulous topic as it relates to so much in our everyday lives. Key concepts include evaporation, condensation, freezing, melting, dissolving, burning, liquid, solid, gas and reversible and irreversible change.

Physical Education

Our PE sessions continue to take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school on these days, though it is useful to have it in school all the time as we often have opportunities to take part in activities at other times, for example the children have enjoyed a cricket session this week and we will be preparing for Sports Day too.

Hair always needs to be tied back and earrings either taped over or removed.

Religious Education

This term our enquiry question is What does it mean to belong to the Muslim community?

We will look at customs, prayer and the role of the Mosque in communities around the world. This also encourages the children to think about acceptance and tolerance of other beliefs.


As before, the children will have their own reading book and reading comment book in their book bags, this gives them the opportunity to share their reading with you at home. There is the opportunity to change books every day if needed. As they have done in the past, children will change their books themselves.

Once again I cannot over emphasise the importance of reading and discussing texts at home, as this regular practice significantly improves children’s progress and understanding. We have some fabulous, enthusiastic readers in class and I am very proud of their progress, so it is important that we maintain this.

In addition to reading at home the children will be heard by me once a week in Guided Reading. These sessions, where children read individually and as part of a small group, provide me with the opportunity to assess their reading and to identify the steps needed for progression. Discussing texts plays an important part in these sessions. The notes for these sessions do not always appear in the children’s reading record. I, or another adult in class, will also aim to hear the children individually once a week.

I am looking forward to another wonderful term full of exciting events and outings. If you have anything you would like to discuss or any concerns please email me at

Yours sincerely

Mrs F Gordon, Hummingbird Class teacher

Senior leader – Creative Curriculum and Literacy