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Mrs Mcclure would like to welcome you to the Puffins Class.

Welcome back!

I hope you have all had a good holiday and that everyone is ready for the new term!

Every morning will start with a maths problem to work on from 8.45am to get brains warmed up.

Our Learning Theme for this term is Time Travellers

Spellings – The children in Puffins are taught in year groups for spellings rather than ability.  This makes sure that all of the children are able to experience and learn the more difficult words needed for SATs.  Please don’t worry if your child seems to come home with drastically different spellings from last year.  Extra support is given in class where necessary.

Maths – We will be starting with place value this term, moving on to the four operations until the end of term.

English – Our class book this term will be Goodnight Mr Tom which ties in nicely with our topic work.  We shall use this text for whole class guided reading, comprehension and as the basis for our writing work.

Topic – Our main topic is World War 2 which we will be studying for the whole term allowing us to investigate, in depth, the causes, events and consequences of the war. I am hoping that we will be able to take part in the Evacuees Experience later in the term.

Science – We will be looking at Light and Electricity this term, again using cross-curricular links with our topic work.

RE – Puffins will be looking at Creation vs The Big Bang and using discussion, evidence from different sources and film to debate this huge question.

PE – This will take place on a TUESDAY afternoon so all PE kits should be brought in to school on a Monday and taken home for washing on Fridays.  Sometimes outside agencies come in to work with the children on different days so it is important that their kit is here for the week.

Homework – We are very lucky to have a great selection of books for the children to enjoy.  We read daily at school but part of their homework is to read to an adult at home too.  This helps with their confidence, fluency and awareness of punctuation.  This, along with the vocabulary they experience, goes a long way in helping to develop their writing skills.  Reading diaries will be checked regularly so please write a comment if you can.  It is important that all children learn their times tables as this is the ‘magic ingredient’ for mastering their maths.  The best way to do this is using songs and reciting them as the children need to know the whole calculation, not just the answers! We no longer have access to Maths Whizz but are trying a new program ‘Maths Shed’ in school and more details will follow if we decide to use it for homework too.  The children are also, as always, expected to practise their spellings at home too.

Please make sure that children have a water bottle in school and appropriate clothes for the weather.  I am sure now we are back it will be lovely and hot but after half term it will soon be coat weather!

My email is and I am always happy for you to email me with any questions or concerns.

I am looking forward to our very busy term (and Christmas, of course!).

Kindest regards

Vicki McClure

Puffins Class Teacher

Science/Computing Subject Leader