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Pupil Premium Strategy Statement

School overview

Metric Data
 School name Pulham CE VC Primary School
Pupils in school 138
Proportion of disadvantaged pupils 26%
Pupil premium allocation this academic year £54,800 + £14,051 b/fwd. from 20/21

Total = £68,851

Academic year or years covered by statement 2021- 2022
Publish date 7th December 2020
Review date 7th June 2021
Statement authorised by Simone Goddard
Pupil premium lead Simone Goddard and Vicki Read
Governor lead Clare Crane

Disadvantaged pupil progress scores for 2018/19 (this is the last date for data)- Year 6

Measure Score
Reading -1.53
Writing -4.71
Maths -5.82

Strategy aims for disadvantaged pupils (2019 data)

Measure Score
Meeting expected standard at KS2 67%
Achieving high standard at KS2 33% (reading)


Measure Activity
Priority 1 Increase in attainment and progress across the school for all PP pupils.
Priority 2 Provide support for families and children with mental health issues
Priority 3 Support speech and language difficulties.
Barriers to learning these priorities address Ensure that staff use quality first teaching and differentiation to provide necessary support.

Children unable to verbalise are at a disadvantage across the curriculum and in particular in their phonic ability, reading and writing. For younger pupils this effects their ability to achieve the expected standard in the phonic assessment at the end of Year 1

Projected spending £59,646
Remaining to be spent £9,205

Teaching priorities for current academic year and for 21/22 (no SATS in 2020 or 2021)

Aim Target Target date
Progress in Reading Achieve National average progress scores in KS2 reading May 2022
Progress in Writing Achieve national average progress scores in KS2 writing May 2022
Progress in Mathematics Achieve national average KS2 progress scores for maths. May 2022
Phonics Achieve national average expected standard in phonics check June 2022

Targeted academic support for current academic year and for 21/22

Measure Activity
Priority 1 Intensive support programme of targeted interventions and in class support.

1:1 and small group support by dedicated HLTA.

Priority 2 Use of parent support advisor for families and individual children.
Priority 3 To provide targeted support through buying in the services of a Speech Therapist for half a day a week.
Barriers to learning these priorities address Pupil premium pupils provided with support needed to increase levels of progress and attainment through differentiated curriculum and support for mental health and behaviour for learning for families and children.
Projected spending £9640 (PSA)

£31,382 (PP HLTA/SEN TAs/Nurture HLTA)

£4288 (SENCo + 1 day until end academic year 2021)

£2940 (Reading Recovery training)

£5,700 (Speech Therapist for ½ day a week)

Total spend = £53,950

Wider strategies for current academic year and for 21/22

Measure Activity
Priority 1 Development of nurture provision
Priority 2 Training for staff.
Priority 3 To improve writing across the school.
Barriers to learning these priorities address Nurture provision supports pupil’s emotional and social well-being throughout the year.

Training will upskill staff so that they have necessary skills to support pupils of differing needs.

Use of The Write Stuff strategies increases confidence, vocabulary and writing outcomes.

Use of Tales Toolkit – increases language and literacy skills also creativity, social skills and problem solving, particularly effective in improving boys engagement in writing – EYFS/Year 1/Year 2

Projected spending £2000 (VNET subscription)

£512 (Thrive)

£600 (Sensi assessment)

£1784 (Jane Considine – The Write Stuff)

£800 (Tales Toolkit)

Total = £5696

Monitoring and Implementation

Area Challenge Mitigating action
Teaching Ensuring that enough time is set aside for staff to access professional development Use of INSET days and twilight sessions.

Access to VNET suite of course and webinars.

Targeted support Timetable for 1:1 HLTA to ensure that pupils needing support are given priority.


Working with SENCo to look at timetable and available interventions to maths pupils to most relevant strategies.
Wider strategies Staff will discuss pupils needing support with Nurture Provision specialist. Nurture Provision specialist will make decisions on best way to support these pupils through use of targeted support programmes.

Review: last year’s aims and outcomes

Aim Outcome
Progress in Year 6 will improve. (2 pupils) – both made above expected progress across all subjects.
Increased reading and comprehension skills. Reading Recovery increased reading skills.
Improved speech and language skills. Click or tap here to enter text.
Children will be able to access extra-curricular activities. Due to lockdown, we were unable to complete this aim. This will be picked up again in 2021/22